Hourly Training Sessions

At Got Canine Training, our Hourly Training Sessions are tailored to meet the specific needs of your dog, whether they are just starting their obedience journey or looking to refine more advanced skills. These sessions provide flexible, focused training that adapts to the individual pace and personality of your dog, ensuring optimal learning and progression.

Why Choose Hourly Sessions?
Personalized Attention:

Each session is one-on-one, allowing us to fully address your dog’s specific training needs and behavioral issues.


Schedule sessions according to your availability and your dog’s learning capacity. This flexibility is perfect for busy pet owners who want quality training at their convenience.

Progressive Learning:

From basic commands like sit and stay to more complex behaviors such as walking politely on a leash or responding to off-leash commands, our training is designed to build on each success, fostering confidence and consistency in your dog.

Immediate Feedback:

You'll receive direct guidance and instruction to help correct and guide your dog’s behavior in real-time.


Hourly Training Sessions

Basic Obedience Essentials

  • 10 — 1-Hour Sessions

  • Optional Add-ons:

Comprehensive Obedience Training

  • 10 — 2-Hour Sessions

  • Optional Add-ons:

Custom Training Solutions

  • Custom Hourly Training

  • Optional Add-ons:

Frequently Asked Questions

For most general queries and questions, you would find the answer in these FAQs. For any query beyond this list, please contact us using the link below.

We offer private lessons only. This is based on our philosophy that dog obedience training is most successful when it is conducted in one-on-one sessions. This setting allows the trainer and the dog to focus their complete attention on the specific training needs of that dog.

We have trained all breeds of dogs. You would be hard-pressed to find a breed that we have not trained – from Chihuahua to Great Dane, big or small, we train them all!

I train dogs the way a mother wolf would train her pups in the wild, using love and respect instead of food as motivation.

No, your dog can be trained at any age provided that you, the owner, are willing to learn too.